How To Make The Perfect… Tuna & Salmon Poke

A raw fish dish that’s hugely popular in Hawaiian cuisine, Poke (pronounced “poe-kay”) is also becoming increasingly popular in the UK, particularly in London. So far, in 2016, a number of poke bars have launched within the city, including Black Roe Poke Bar & Grill, having opened in Mayfair earlier this year. Backed by restaurateur Kurt Zdesar, the restaurant’s crowning glory is a poke bar at the entrance, where an expert chef serves raw fish and a number of poke dishes. These include Ahi (tuna) poke, less traditional vegetable poke and beef tataki poke, and tuna and salmon poke – with the recipe for the latter available for readers to follow and attempt to recreate at home.


Serves 10

Cooked rice, 700g, (see below)

Tuna, 350g, (1cm slices)

Salmon, 350g, (2cm dice)

Sea salt, 5g

Spring onions, 120g, chopped

Pineapple, 180g, (0.5cm dice)

Fresh coriander, 10g, chopped

Sesame seeds, 20g, toasted

Blanched asparagus, 10 stalks

For the sauce (mix all together with a whisk)

Dark soy sauce, 215ml, (Kikkoman preferably)

Sriracha chilli sauce, 20ml

Toasted sesame oil, 7ml

Light fish stock, 75ml

For the rice

Sushi rice, 650g, cooked

Rice wine vinegar, 40ml

Sugar, 25g

Salt, 5g


Gently warm together the vinegar, sugar and salt to dissolve, and add to the cooked rice.

Mix the salmon and tuna in separate bowls with half the sauce, salt and pineapple and marinate for 10 minutes.

Add the spring onion and coriander to the salmon and stir.

Arrange the rice on the serving bowl and top with the two fish mixes. Garnish with the sesame seeds and asparagus.

Black Roe Poke Bar & Grill can be found at 4 Mill Street, London, W1S 2SA.

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