How To Make The Perfect… Spicy Miso Ramen

By Jonathan Hatchman, Food Editor, @TLE_Food

With the boom in popularity that has surrounded Ramen in recent years, Bone Daddies have enjoyed some great success, with their own Ramen, which is often regarded as London’s finest. The restaurant’s Spicy Miso Ramen features slow-cooked Pork, Padron peppers and spicy Miso Tare and is ideal for the more advanced, adventurous home-cook. In order to make the perfect Ramen at home, why not head along to your local specialty supermarket and follow the recipe below for Bone Daddies’ Spicy Miso Ramen?

Serves four


For the Spicy Miso Tare

White Miso
, 150g

Sweet White Miso
, 50g

Red Miso
, 50g

Regular Soy Sauce
, 40g

Mirin (Japanese sweet cooking Wine
), 40g

, 15g

Spring Onion
s, 25g

Mixed Chilli fresh & dried (as hot as you dare), 50g

For the Eggs

Regular Soy Sauce, 1000ml

, 1000ml

, 100g

Soft-boiled Eggs, 4, peeled

For the Bamboo

Canned Bamboo, 200g, rinsed and drained (or vacuum-packed cooked bamboo)

Sesame Oil
, 5g

Soy Sauce, 100g

Sugar, 10g

Chilli flakes, a pinch or two to taste

To finish

Hot Stock, 1.25 litres, strained

Slow cooked Pork – neck or shoulder works well, 400g

Good-quality fresh Ramen Noodles (at a pinch, you could use another type of noodle), 400g

Bean Sprouts, 200g, blanched

Sliced Spring Onion
, 100g

Pan-fried Padron Peppers
, 200g

Sesame Oil, 4 Tbsp


First jobs are to marinade the Eggs and cook the Pork, both done the night before for best results.

Mix together the Soy, Water and Sugar; measure out 200ml to marinate the Eggs in. Overnight if possible, but for at least three to four hours.

Next the slow cooked Pork, place the Pork in a suitably sized Casserole dish, cover with the remaining Egg marinade. Bring to a gentle simmer, place the lid and roast in oven at 160C/Gas Mark 3 until tender, 2-3 hours. Topping up with water if required.

Allow to cool in the cooking liquid. Then wrap in cling film and refrigerate.

For the spicy miso sauce

Place all the ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. Set aside. Stir-fry the Bamboo in the Sesame Oil until dry, add the other ingredients and cook until dry.

Have all the ingredients laid out, so you can work quickly. Have one pot ready with hot Stock and another with boiling Water, for cooking the Noodles.

Divide the spicy Miso Sauce between the four bowls and divide the stock equally on top. Whisk until the Tare has blended into the Stock, to ensure an even taste.

Once the wrapped Pork has cooled completely, it can be easily sliced thickly, then the cling film removed.

Cook the Noodles to the texture you like, drain and divide between the four bowls. Top with Bean Sprouts, Bamboo, marinated Egg, a few slices of the slow cooked Pork, fried Padron Peppers, sliced Spring Onion and a tablespoon of Chilli Oil on top, must be served piping hot.

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