How To Make The Perfect… Smoked Salmon & Air Dried Ham Roulades

By Jonathan Hatchman, Food Editor, @TLE_Food 

A delicious summer treat, ideal for dinner party canapés or as light starters, this week’s featured recipe comes from Forman & Field – London’s oldest salmon smokers. Highly regarded for their world famous smoked salmon having set up business in East London over 100 years ago, the company is still family run and supplies salmon to some of the world’s most renowned restaurants. What’s more, these smoked salmon and air dried ham roulades are relatively simple to make, using H. Forman & Son’s poached salmon salad (available online), fresh rocket, Monmouthshire air-dried ham, goat’s cheese and, of course, grade one smoked salmon.


H. Forman & Son poached salmon salad, 200g

Rocket, 1 bag

Monmouthshire air-dried ham, 115g

Marinated goat’s cheese, 10 balls

Grade one hand-sliced smoked Scottish salmon, 500g


Lay a couple of overlapping long slices of smoked salmon along the centre of an A4 sheet of cling film and spoon a line of poached salmon salad along the middle, leaving a couple of centimetres each side.

Lift up the edges, fold over and tuck in to form a rough sausage. Twist the ends of the cling film to tighten, then roll into an even roulade.

Refrigerate until firm, unwrap and slice into bite sized rolls.

Repeat the process with air dried ham, marinated goats cheese and rocket.

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