How To Make The Perfect… Mussels Mouclade

A lesser known sibling of moules marinière – mussels mouclade is a classic French dish cooked similarly, yet traditionally using a lightly curried sauce, instead of one with a tomato base.

“Inspired by a lifetime of the love and appreciation of seafood”, Ondine is a seafood restaurant based in Edinburgh’s historic Old Town, launched by Chef Patron Roy Brett. The chef’s take on mussels mouclade uses coconut milk and is served alongside poori (a deep fried Indian bread) to mop up the dish’s delicious juices.

Speaking of the dish, Roy Bretty explains: “This dish is a firm favourite of all our regulars at Ondine. Thanks to my dear Chef Ishu, we seem to have got this just right.”


Serves 4

Butter, 50g, diced

Mussels, 1kg, cleaned

Shallots, 50g, finely diced

Masala curry paste, 1tbsp

Coconut milk, 1 tin

Coriander, 1 bunch, shredded


For the Poori

Flour, 250g

Warm water, 120g

Chilli flakes, a pinch

Salt, a pinch


To Make the Poori

Place all ingredients into a mixer.

Using the dough hook, mix on a slow speed until smooth and elastic. Allow to rest for 1 hour.

Using a rolling pin, dust the mix with flour then roll out until thin before cutting into disks.

In a small fryer heat the oil to 180c.

Drop the poori carefully into the fryer, moving them around which helps achieve an even colour. The poori will puff up slightly and at this point remove from the fryer and set aside on a drying cloth.

To Cook the Mussels

In a thick bottomed pan, melt the butter until it is golden. Now add the diced shallots and cook without colour for one minute. At this point add in the masala paste and for another minute.

This is the point when you add the mussels, coating completely in the curry and shallots. Pour the coconut milk over the mussels and place a lid on the pan until the mussels open up. Sprinkle over the coriander and season to taste.

Serve with the poori to mop up all the delicious juices.

Further information on Ondine can be found at

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