How To Make: The Perfect Full English Breakfast

The full English is a mainstay of British breakfast tables, but what is the recipe for the perfect plateful?

According to new research, the ultimate fry-up contains two sausages, two rashers of bacon, fried eggs, mushrooms, toast, beans and fried tomatoes and red sauce, with fried bread and black pudding also considered essentials.

But settling the age-old sauce argument, ketchup was the most popular condiment, with 42 per cent saying this is a key ingredient in a cooked breakfast, compared to just 34 per cent who go for brown sauce.

It also emerged the average Brit tucks into an English breakfast twice a month – and more often at home than in a café.

Francesca Woodward from High Street TV, who created the QuadraPan, said: “It’s great that our results show how much people love tucking into a classic English breakfast.

“And we were also pleased to see that people prefer to make them at home, rather than heading out to a café or restaurant.

“This way, people can be sure of exactly what quality of ingredients and equipment is being used to make breakfast just the way they like it.”

The Ultimate Fry-Up:

Two sausages
Two spoonfuls of beans
Two rashers of bacon1 slice of black pudding
1 hash brown
1 spoonful of mushrooms
1 egg
1 tomato
1 slice of fried bread
1 slice of toast
1 spoonful of sauce/ketchup

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