How To Make The Perfect… Feta & Buckwheat Hotcakes with Bacon & Manuka Honey

A healthy take on classic, thick pancakes – these hotcakes are made with buckwheat flour and feta cheese, topped with crispy bacon. What’s more, they’re simple to make and relatively healthy, with an additional drizzle of Manuka Honey bringing some natural sweetness to the dish.

‘Everyone loves pancakes, but they can be overloaded with carbs and sugar sometimes, and aren’t actually that good for you. This is a healthy alternative that still tastes delicious and is great for people who struggle with a lot of wheat. Adding the Manuka Honey on top gives a lovely hit of sweetness, tastes great and is also really brilliant for the immune system.’

Prep time: 40 minutes (10 mins prep, 30 resting time)

Cooking time: 10 minutes


Serves 2

Neutral oil, for frying

Buckwheat flour, 50g

Spelt flour, 25g

Bicarbonate of soda, ½ tsp

Milk, 200ml

Egg, 1

Feta cheese, 100g

Smoked streaky bacon, 6 rashers

Real Health Manuka honey, 2 tbsp


Start off by making the pancake batter.

Simply add the buckwheat flour, spelt and bicarb into a mixing bowl, then make a well in the centre and add the eggs and milk.

Whisk until smooth and set aside for 30 minutes. Heat the grill up high and cook the bacon until crispy, whilst the bacon is cooking, you can make the pancakes.

Heat a frying pan to a medium heat, and add a splash of oil.

Then using a tablespoon add a big spoonful of the mix to mix to form a pancake shape, then sprinkle with feta chunks and cook until golden brown (about 3/4minutes) Then flip over and repeat with all the batter.

Keep the cooked pancakes warm as you go along.

Then when all the mix is done, layer up 3 cakes and rashers of bacon, then drizzle with the honey.

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Real Health Manuka Honey is available in four potency ratings; Antibacterial Grades MGO 100, MGO 300 and MGO 500 and Super Antibacterial Grade 830 MGO. Only Australian Manuka Honey can naturally produce Super Antibacterial Grade Manuka. 

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