Almond and Matcha Cookies

How to Make… Almond and Matcha Cookies

Drinking green tea has its health benefits, of course, but so many insoluble nutrients actually come from the tea leaves, which are wastefully discarded. Matcha – the world’s most potent green tea – however, is a powder of ground green tea leaves, whisked into hot water to brew tea. It’s also a superfood.

Buddhist monks are said to have used Matcha for centuries, in order to stay alert and focused through mediation. Samurai warriors, on the other hand, would use the tea for its natural ‘energy-fix’ before battle. Moreover, one serving is said to improve cholesterol and help with memory and concentration, amongst other health benefits. Just 1 gram (the weight of a dollar bill) is equivalent to an antioxidant serving of goji berries, dark chocolate, pecans, walnuts, pomegranate, wild blueberries, acai berries, broccoli and spinach combined.

Available from stockists nationwide and Holland & Barrett, BLOOM has developed the world’s largest collection of 11 tea powders, including eight different Matchas and three caffeine-free herbal tea powders. Using BLOOM’s Absolute Matcha (100 per cent organic Japanese Matcha), these festive cookies are ridiculously simple to make at home.


Almond meal, 100g

Oat flour, 100g

Maple syrup, 3tbp

BLOOM Absolute Matcha, 1-2tsp (depending on how strong you want the taste)

Vanilla powder, ½tsp

Cardamom, a pinch

Melted coconut oil, 1tbsp

Goji berries, 30g (optional, can be substituted with any dry fruit of your choice)


Blitz everything except the goji berries in the food processor until the dough forms a ball.

Add the goji berries and pulse a few more times.

Divide the dough equally and form the cookies.

Bake the cookies for 10 minutes in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees, or dehydrate overnight.

Bloom Teas is available from stockists nationwide and Holland and Barrett, £16.99. Further information can be found here.


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