Have You Been to the Best Italian Vegan Restaurant in London Yet?

I’d heard excellent things about Italian restaurant Fed By Water, but nothing could have prepared me for the level of awesomeness I was about to experience.

Firstly, you are spoilt for choice by the large, innovative menu which features plant based food prepared and cooked in pure water – hence the name.

The difficult part is knowing which meals to order, here are so many mouth watering options to choose from.

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In the end, we opted for warm handmade focaccia bread with smoked mozzarella style cheese and green pesto dips. It was sensational, and we literally licked our plates. I knew it was the start ( pun intended) of things to come!

For mains, we shared pizza Hot (tomato sauce, mozzarella style cheese, spicy seitan salami, chilli and olives) on a hempseed base . There’s three bases to choose from ‘normal’, ‘hempseed’ or charcoal’. I know, insane! We also ordered Carbonara London Style (freshly made with soya cream and tofu, topped with crispy seitan chunks).

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The presentation was faultless and taste was incredible! We spent the whole meal just talking about how delicious it was, savouring every mouthful.

For dessert we tucked into Italian fav Pannacotta – which was, once again, beautifully presented, and, more importantly, tasted delicious.

I really can’t describe how fab the food was, you will just have to go to the restaurant yourself to try it.


As an editor of a national press agency, I’ve been fortunate to dine in a lot of top restaurants while on ‘client meetings’ and I can truly say Fed By Water is easily one of my faves – including ‘normal’ restaurants, not just vegan restaurants.

Anyone who’s a vegan will know how challenging it is to find great tasting vegan cheese – but I can honestly say that I preferred the vegan cheese at Fed by Water to dairy cheese and was excited to discover they sell cheese to take away too.

You can just give them a call in the morning and they’ll prepare some for you that day to take home – there’s loads of different flavours to choose from

You can also order some of their homemade charcoal, hemp seed bread to spread it on – goes perfectly with a nice glass of red.

My mouth is still watering after yesterday’s meal and I’m definitely going back to try some more of their tasty dishes.

One woman I met told me she loves it so much she goes back EVERY day! I wish I could afford to do that but I’ll have to win the lottery first. Here’s hoping!

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