Beer of the Week: Goose Island Beer Co. 312 Urban Wheat Ale

Set up in 1988 by founder John Hall, Goose Island Beer Company is now one of America’s most popular craft breweries. Inspired by Hall’s travels of Europe, through which he managed to experience some incredible tasting beers from the continent, Chicago was eventually the city chosen as a base for the brewery: a city that was, at the time, an ideal start with plenty of rapidly evolving tastes. Chicago is also home to the largest fresh water system on the planet.

Pioneers of barrel-aged beer, the brewery has introduced a wide portfolio of beers to the UK since launching on this side of the Atlantic. Part of Goose Island Beer Company’s core, year-round range, 312 Urban Wheat Ale joins a number of exciting core beers (their Honkers Ale, in particular). Brewed with Cascade, First Gold and Mt. Hood hops, plus 2 Row malt and Torrified Wheat, 312 Urban Wheat Ale is inspired by the city of Chicago.

On pour, the unfiltered beer has a hazy yellow complexion, crowned with a white head. On the nose, Cascade hops deliver a spicy aroma alongside notes of lemon, straw, malted wheat and yeast. A slight spiciness continues on the palate, boosted by a complex malt character rife with wheat and sourdough bread. In addition to a zip of citrus and some light nuttiness, 312 Urban Wheat Ale has a slightly creamy mouth feel and evolving body that becomes fuller towards the smooth, dry finish. Although not particularly bold in flavour, Goose Island’s 312 Urban Wheat Ale is refreshing, thirst-quenching and exceedingly quaffable.

Further information on Goose Island Beer Company can be found here. Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale is available online from, RRP £2.29, 330ml.


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