Follow the Adventures of a Christmas Sprout from Field to Fork

Our relationship with the humble sprout is a complex one. Regardless of your stance on the deliciously juicy/repulsively pungent veggies, there’s something about sprouts so quintessentially Christmas it would be a travesty not to see a couple on your dinner plate when Christmas Dinner rolls around.

Sprouts take a lot of flack, then, but this sweet video showing the journey of a jolly sprout from field to fork aims to change all that.

As Asda gets ready to sell 1.1million sprouts this week, the film shows a ‘sprouts eye view’, starting in the earth at M Baker Produce in Boston, Lincolnshire, and ending in the boot of a sprout-loving Asda customer.

All Asda’s sprouts are grown in the UK, arriving in store just in the nick of time as the Christmas Dinner shop is getting underway – 10.5m tonnes of vegetables are due to be sold this week, which is enough to stretch from Leeds to the North Pole and back 50 times.

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