Crussh to launch 100% vegan store for January 2019

Crussh Fit Food & Juice Bars, with 35 stores across London, is set to turn its Soho store (Broadwick Street) 100% plant-based for the entire month of January as part of Veganuary.  

Opening Thursday 3rd January, the Soho pop-up is set to boast over 70 vegan recipes, with highlights including the high street’s first vegan feta ‘cheese’. 

Crussh aims to highlight how plant-based food can be simple and really delicious, encouraging people to think about their meat intake and consider reducing it in a way that works for them.

Turning one store completely plant-based will allow the healthy food & juice chain to see how consumers respond to a fully vegan Crussh, and whether this may be a sustainable business model for the future. 

The vegan store forms part of the brand’s ‘Powered by Plants’ campaign, an initiative that will see eight* new vegan products launch across all Crussh branches, celebrating plants in all their glory. 

Crussh currently sells over 50 vegan products at all of its sites, including best-sellers Jackfruit Tinga Fit Bowl, served with sweet potato mash, guacamole & fresh slaw and an Avocado, red pepper & cashew nut tapenade wrap. Over 70% of the Crussh food range is vegetarian.

 Crussh was first to introduce dairy-free porridge to the high street, launched back in early 2000s, and, most recently, was the first launch a vegan ‘cheese’ toastie, in Jan 2018. Crussh currently offers the broadest range of alternative milks on the high street, at all of its locations – soya, almond, coconut and oat.

Helen Harrison, Head of Marketing, Crussh, comments: ‘We’re really excited to be turning our Soho store vegan for the month of January, it’s something we’ve talked about for a while and it felt like the right time to give it a go! One of the biggest trends we’ve seen this year is the growth in veganism and we know that moving to a more plant-based diet can have such a positive impact on both the health of individuals and the planet.”

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