Craft Meat Business Serious Pig Launches ‘Craft Not Crap’ Campaign

By Jonathan Hatchman, Food Editor, @TLE_Food

Peckham-based ‘craft meat’ business – Serious Pig, specialising in quality charcuterie, is leading a ‘craft, not crap’ campaign to prevent brands from misleading customers about unhealthy, overly processed junk food in an attempt to inspire the nation to embrace some more authentic snacks.

The campaign follows the news of leading scientists, writing in the British Medical Journal, recently calling for a ban on artificial trans fats from processed food, claiming that this could save over 7000 lives. Tying in with this news, Serious Pig will be offering its customers the chance to select the pig which will be used for its next batch of snacks, asking people to vote via social media, in a bid to encourage consumers to put more thought into exactly what they are eating. In doing this, Serious Pig is, in fact, one of the first UK companied to give its customers a say in its product creation from such an early stage.


Used for the next batch of Snackingham – Serious Pig’s specialty British pork infused with herbs and spices before being cured, air-dried and sliced – the selection of pigs has been narrowed down to two rare breeds, Tamworth and Saddleback. A direct descendent of the European wild boar and a naturally accomplished forager, the Tamworth pig provides a meat with a distinctly nutty and sweet flavour, meanwhile the Saddleback’s meat is fattier, delivering real succulence as well as a pork taste that’s, perhaps, more traditional – often favoured by Britain’s premier bacon and sausage manufacturers.

Simply head over to Serious Pig’s Twitter account and Retweet your favourite pig, in order to vote.

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