Cost of a pint in London DOUBLE the global average

The cost of a pint in London is officially double the global average, new research has revealed.

The study compared the price of a pint in 177 of the world’s most populated cities and found London ranks in the top 25 most expensive cities to buy a pint (22nd), costing around £4.76 on average.

The cost of a pint in London is almost double the global average, which is around £2.61 a pint, although the capital is cheaper than Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto, while a pint in Oslo, Norway, Zurich, Switzerland and Reykjavik in Iceland is up to £3.20 more expensive.

Most expensive cities to buy a pint out of 177 cities:

Dubai, UAE, £8.58
Doha, Qatar, £8.50
Reykjavik, Iceland, £7.96
Oslo, Norway, £7.17
Mariehamn, Aland Islands, £7.00

Jon Ostler, CEO of finder UK, which commissioned the research, said: “It was interesting to see such a wide difference between how much it costs for a pint in different cities around the world. Some people may not realise that there could be big differences in costs of common expenses between cities.

“When budgeting for family holidays or weekend breaks, it’s important to factor in leisure expenses and anticipate that prices will vary from city to city. By doing your research in advance you will not only be prepared financially, but avoid unnecessary stress and allow for a more enjoyable holiday.”


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  1. paul

    It’s impossible to take this article seriously unless you define whether you’re talking about a 568ml UK pint or a 473ml US pint.

    Presumably the research considered different measures in different countries and calculated the cost of a UK pint pro-rata? The trouble with this is that the cost of selling a drink in a bar is as much down to the cost of staff to serve the drink and wash the glass, and the real estate cost, as it is to the price of the beverage itself. These costs do not all scale linearly with the volume of drink served. The cost of drinking a 250ml beer in Paris is likely to be much higher “per pint” than the cost of drinking a 1l beer in Munich.

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