The Zetter Townhouse Clerkenwell Cocktail

Cocktail Recipe: The Zetter Townhouse’s ‘The Osmanthus’

Just across St John’s Square from the original Zetter Hotel, The Zetter Townhouse, Clerkenwell, is a 13 bedroom Georgian townhouse from the Zetter Group. In addition to two suites, 11 bedrooms, a Games Room and Dining Room, The Cocktail Lounge was launched in collaboration with Tony Conigliaro (69 Colebrooke Row, Bar Termini, Untitled). Here, each recipe features specialised ingredients developed and made by the bar team.

Once the centre of Dickensian London, The Cocktail Lounge at The Zetter Townhouse celebrates Clerkenwell’s rich history – once known for its breweries and gin distilleries. On the drinks menu, many cocktails are inspired by old recipes for tinctures, bitters and herbal remedies, as are the homemade cordials and infusions which sit behind the bar’s apothecary-style counter. Designed by Guy Mazuch, ‘The Osmanthus’ is a simple mix of chilled soda water and Osmanthus Oolong-infused liqueur, easy to make at home.

Speaking about the cocktail, Guy Mazuch at The Zetter Townhouse, Clerkenwell, said:

“This cocktail came about, as many brilliant things, by complete accident. I was looking to achieve the aroma of blossom in another drink I was working on, so I was investigating working with investigate different Oolong teas. A tea shop suggested that I try out their Osmanthus Oolong. It completely blew my mind and it was clear it deserved to be a cocktail in its own right. The bright, fruity, blossoming aromatics were begging to be used in a tall, ice-cold highball. A super cold glass of iced tea is the embodiment of the perfect summer drink for me. At the Zetter Townhouse Clerkenwell we also add a small quantity of Tonka to the cocktail, which adds a beautiful almond and cherry like character to the drink.”


50ml Osmanthus Liqueur*

Soda water (from a can or small glass bottle, for maximum fizz)


Fill a highball glass with ice all the way to the top.

Add the Osmanthus liqueur and top with chilled soda.

To make the Osmanthus Liqueur

Steep 35g of Osmanthus Oolong in 500g neutral spirit at 40 per cent ABV (Vodka) for 30 minutes.

Strain through a coffee filter or fine sieve.

Add 160g caster sugar and 7.5g citric acid to every 500g of strained liquid.

Stir to dissolve. Do not heat.

Further information on The Zetter Townhouse Clerkenwell can be found here.


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