Dalston's Soda Company rhubarb soda spritz

Cocktail Recipe: Vodka Rhubarb Soda Spritz

Conceived in an east London nightclub during 2012, Dalston’s Soda Company has become a resounding success, selling more than 2 million cans of their soda last year. With that, the brand has also tapped into increased consumer awareness when it comes to sugary drinks, launching a new Dalston’s Lights range which features sodas with real elderflower and rhubarb. Naturally low in calories, with no added sugar, Dalston’s Lights also follows the brand’s values, using real fruit and featuring recipes formulated with a passion for blending and balancing flavours.

Moreover, to celebrate the end of Dry January, Dalston’s Soda Company also teamed up with Black Cow Vodka – produced with milk from grass-fed cows – to produce a handful of cocktail recipes. The rhubarb variation, for instance, is an elevated riff on vodka and soda, with the smooth vodka joined by the rhubarb soda balanced with a touch of apple, combined with lemon juice and Yorkshire rhubarb shrub.


25ml Black Cow Vodka

10ml lemon juice

15ml Yorkshire rhubarb shrub

Dalston’s rhubarb soda

Poached rhubarb segments


Combine the vodka, lemon juice and rhubarb shrub.

Top with Dalston’s rhubarb soda.

Garnish with poached rhubarb segments.

Further information on Dalston’s Soda Company can be found here.



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