Patrón Añejo New Fashioned

The Weekly Cocktail Recipe: Patrón New Fashioned

In 2016, UK tequila sales reached a record £173 million, driven by an increased interest in higher end agave-spirits. Tequila has seen such an exponential rise in popularity in recent years that Mexico is currently undergoing an agave plant shortage, as reported by Reuters earlier this year.

Once synonymous with shot glasses, salt and lime; tequila has become a popular cocktail component in bars across the globe, with particular focus on ultra premium spirits. With this, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Casamigos – George Clooney’s premium tequila brand – was snapped up by Diageo last summer for a titanic $1 billion. Bacardi quickly followed suit with the acquisition of Patrón Spirits International, with a deal valuing the tequila brand at $5.1 billion.

Patrón’s riff on one of history’s most classic cocktails, the Patrón New Fashioned features Patrón Añejo tequila, aged in white oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months: a smooth, delicate tequila which works particularly well alongside the drink’s trademark humble ingredients list.


60ml Patrón Añejo tequila

10 ml Sugar syrup

1 dash Bitters

To garnish

Orange peel


Over a double old-fashioned glass, use a vegetable peeler to take off two strips of orange zest, making sure to express the oil into the glass. 

Add Patrón Añejo tequila, sugar syrup, and bitters. 

Add ice—the biggest cubes you can find—and stir. 

Adjust sweetness to taste. 

Patrón Añejo is available from the, RRP £59.75. Further information on Patrón can be found here.


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