Brixton-based roaster releases UK’s first 100% bio-based compostable coffee pod

Independent Brixton-based roaster Volcano Coffee Works has released the UK’s first 100 per cent bio-based compostable coffee pod which is fully compatible with your pod machine.

Volcano Coffee Works has been supplying top restaurants and coffee outlets with ethically traded and sustainable coffee since the company launched seven years ago. And now you can enjoy their coffee at home in three expressions – Bold Morning Shot, Balanced All Day and Reserve Rich Sweet.

Unlike most of the established and new coffee pods on the market, Volcano’s pods are completely biodegradable and fully bio-based compostable meaning 0 toxicity.

This means that you can recycle the pods through green waste collection, your own composting or the standard rubbish bin.

Volcano’s pods will have completely disintegrated within 150 days in stark contrast to aluminium pods which take around 150 years to degrade!

Volcano’s Master Roaster Kurt said:  “We only roast in small batches which bring out the individual qualities of each of the blends. We are champions of ethically-traded coffee and now we have a pod that is genuinely recyclable. Never will you enjoy a coffee as much.”

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