Brits are enjoying ketchup, mayonnaise and yoghurt with their roast dinners

Move over gravy – Brits are enjoying ketchup, mayonnaise and even yoghurt with a roast, according to research.

Gone are the days of roast beef smothered in gravy as Brits are opting for alternative condiments.

Salad cream, BBQ sauce and sour cream also appeared among the list of side sauces for dunking roasties into.

The study of 2,000 adults was commissioned by McCain to launch an experimental restaurant experience especially for roast dinner lovers.

Mark Hodge, from McCain, said: “As a family business, we understand that a roast dinner is at the heart of the nation’s taste buds.

“This is why we wanted to launch the #greatroastdebate to uncover and celebrate its diversity and inspire the country to share their unusual combinations.

“From fish and meatballs to ketchup and sour cream, we are clearly a country that loves to experiment.

“However, some things will never change, and what has become clear is that we all still love a roast potato, like McCain Roasts that are made just as you would at home – basted, never battered – for a perfect golden, crispy finish.”

The poll revealed the wonderful ways people upgrade their roasts, with unconventional veg and an array of quirky condiments.

One in ten like ketchup with their roast, with others enjoying hot sauce, tartar sauce and even mango chutney.

It was also revealed the new varieties of veg on the side of a roast, with sweetcorn and kale proving popular choices.

Other alternatives include courgette, sweet potatoes and beetroot.

Want to know what your roast dinner choices say about you? Take the quiz below:


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