Britain’s smallest microbrewery pumping 1,000 pints a week from garden shed

Britain’s smallest microbrewery is producing 1,000 pints a week – from inside a garden shed.

The Bulletproof Brew Co has been created in the back garden of founder Patrick Lawrence’s mum’s house.

Mr Lawrence and co-director Connor Johnson are now struggling to cope with demand and say the 400 litres of German-style craft lager they are able to pump out every week is being snapped up.

Their products – Hollow Point Helles, Schwarz Beer, and the 6.7 per cent ABV Metal Base Maibock – are selling out in local bars, shops and restaurants.

Mr Lawrence, of Plymouth, Devon, has been brewing his own lager for five years, but a year ago decided to go professional and set up the business.

He teamed up with Connor as they were already friends after meeting while they both worked as a bar tender.

He said: “I looked around for a (business) space, but they are very expensive so I set up in the back of my parents’ house.”

The duo spent £2,600 acquiring a 12ft by 10ft shed, and another £2,400 on the foundation and amenities.

They then imported £11,000 of top of the range brewing gear from the USA to build the small but efficient production suite.

But the investment has been more than paying off.

They work in three-day shifts producing “German-style craft lager with a modern twist” flavoured with New World hops.

The brew, however, has to sit for seven weeks – more than twice as long as ale – before it can be canned, which is done at a plant in Hereford.

They’re already impressed a legion of lager lovers in venues in their home city of Plymouth, Devon, including The Treasury, Bread and Roses, the Greedy Goose and the new Vessel Beer Shop.

There are now big plans for Bulletproof Brew Co.

Mr Lawrence, who is also a graphic designer and responsible for the lagers’ names and branding, said: “Being a small craft brewery we can’t make as much as we need to keep up with demand.

“The Maibock is really strong, but the Helles is a session lager, not as strong, you can drink a few pints.

“The aim is to get bigger and bigger and bigger.”

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  1. Hate to burst the bubble, but they aren’t Britian’s Smallest Microbrewery. I believe that I run that, as Seren Brewing Company in Pembrokeshire. It’s a 9′ x 9′ ex-scullery, producing 150-300 litres per week.

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