We came to Brew café for dinner on a very wet (we can’t blame them for the weather) Tuesday evening and it was nice to be greeted by the friendly staff as we stepped into the venue and out of the torrential rain.

This eatery is based next to Wandsworth Town station and is part of a worldwide boutique chain (a new venue in Putney is set to open in Nov) set up by Jason Wells. This site was previously the Pantry.

It is a fairly small size but still was quite full for a waterlogged midweek night. The décor was neutral  and light but still managed to be cosy and outside they have blankets and they encourage people to brave it outside. I am not that brave and nobody else was tonight.

As a café it is busiest in morning and for the yummy mummy crowd during the day, however, on the weekend the queues go down the street in the evening; I hope those guys avoid the miserable weather, poor souls.

Although the breakfast/brunch menu was huge the dinner menu was also substantial with a good variety of meals on offer. We began with a plate of Polenta Chips with aioli to share, they were delicious (and extremely filling) and did the trick of warming us up, although the bottle of Prosecco we ordered had the opposite effect; Mrs TLE and I are very fond of the sparkling delight and thus drink it even when drenched, the daredevils we are.

For mains, Mrs TLE ordered the Mango and Thai prawn soup and I went for the rib eye steak sandwich (antipodean delicacy?) with Persian feta, onion jam and rocket (ok maybe not). These were accompanied by a side of delicious pesto and balsamic mushrooms, spinach and fries.

As ever I found room for a desert and Mrs TLE just looked on lovingly (loathingly?) as I demolished a warm chocolate brownie. It was time to go and apart from the weather, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening in south west London.

Brew café can be found at 342 Old York Road, London, SW18 1SS

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