The Best Customizable Gifts for People Who Love Asian Food

Tons of people just love Asian food. Who can blame them? Ramen, sushi, Pad Thai, it’s all delicious.

If you have a friend who is a big fan of Asian cuisine, and also very hard to buy gifts for, it might be a good idea to incorporate their food love into a gift when the time comes. Celebrate any event along with their affinity for some of the best food in the world. And it won’t break the bank either – you can often find gift deals on coupon websites and forums.

Don’t know where to start shopping? Here is a list of fun ideas for the best customizable gifts for people who love Asian food.

Engraved Chopsticks

Chopsticks are a necessity for many Asian dishes. Sure, you could use a fork, but the true Asian food lover doesn’t use a simple fork and knife.

They probably use chopsticks regularly or even have a nice pair of their own at home. But, do they have a pair like this one, from GiftTree.

No more wooden chopsticks! They can use these at home or bring them along to any restaurant.

Make it personal and engrave their name or special message into the silver plated handles. Each chopstick holds one line of text with up to 18 characters. This product comes in a two pack, so you can either put their spouses name on the other pair or an inside joke between the two of you. And while engraving might sound pricey, GiftTree discounts are easy to snag online (they’re offering a 10% off code now), if you know where to look.

Whatever you decide to engrave, it’s a thoughtful gift they’ll love. It arrives in a hand wrapped gift box, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping paper and proper presentation.

Chinese Food Necklace

If your friend is really into Chinese food, this Chinese food necklace is an excellent choice!

This necklace found on Etsy (promo codes here & here) is made from pewter, a popular silver-like metal often used in jewelry.

Choose any initial depending on the first letter of your friend’s first or last name. For example, if their name is Tiffany, you’d choose “T.”

They’ll appreciate that you know them so well.

Choose the length of the necklace and the initial you need at checkout.

Personalized Fortune Cookie

One of the most exciting parts of eating Chinese food at a restaurant is receiving the fortune cookie with a prophetic message on that little scrap of paper.

It’s always random, and you never know what you’re going to get.

Now, you can make your own personalized message within the cookie!

Fancy Fortune Cookies will make a customized message on that piece of paper they’ll find in their cookie. You can make a whole bunch of them so that they open one at a time after every meal at home.

It doesn’t stop there. They have a variety of fortune cookies to choose from. You can choose the traditional plain vanilla cookies, or fun and interesting flavors on the website. All flavors can hold a customized message.

Flavor choices include Chocolate Covered, Blackberry, Coconut, Cherries Jubilee, and even Beer Battered.

They also have gluten free options for those with gluten intolerance or celiac.

Silver Fortune Cookie

Speaking of fortune cookies, what about a more permanent option?

This silver fortune cookie found on Amazon is absolute desk candy. (P.S. – score Amazon discounts on coupon sites like Dealspotr and Ideal for a paper weight, this gift for people that love Asian food will be a sure pleaser.

It comes with a hinge, so it can be open and closed easily. The description says it can be used to hold “office mints and jelly beans.” Cute!

Sushi Slicing Playset

Looking for something for a kid who loves asian food? This sushi play set is another Amazon gem. Made by the Melissa and Doug toy company (discounts here and here), this unique find is sure to make them smile.

You can add a name to the wooden knife, so they know it’s a toy just for them.

The set includes sliceable sushi rolls, shrimp, tuna, egg, roe, and everything else you find in your standard sushi spread.

Because this item is “frustration-free,” the chopsticks are self-stick and ideal for children with special needs.

Yin & Yang Personalized Sushi Board

A sushi connoisseur is aware that you can’t eat sushi off of just any old dish. A sushi board is specific to the craft of the cuisine.

Choose this personalized sushi board, and they’ll go bonkers knowing how much you care about their individual taste.

Engrave a heartfelt or funny message on bamboo wood that also comes with a porcelain sauce dish, and a set of plain black table chopsticks.

It makes an easy gift because it comes in a nice black box with the brand name and item listed on the front. Wrap the box, put a bow on it, or present it as is.

Personalized Wok

This next one is the work of an independent company that mainly sells catfish bait. Interestingly enough, they also create an awesome personalized wok!

This rustic work of art is hand crafted by 4-M Bait Company and is one-of-a-kind for whoever’s name is welded onto it.

People who love Asian food most likely already own a wok. It’s a standard in Asian cuisine home cooking.

However, it’s guaranteed they don’t have one made with this kind of craftsmanship and personalization.

The name is limited to 10 spaces. Simply include the name you want on the wok in the comments space at checkout and the makers with customize your gift.


There are a lot of ways you can honor a friend with a customizable gift. For people who love Asian food, any of these items will be something they cherish.

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