Beer of the Week: And Union Unfiltered Lager

With a focus on rationality and simplicity – the basic principles of modernism – at the helm, Bavarian craft beer brand And Union was set up in 2007. The product of a father, his son and his business partner, And Union works with brew-masters from four small, family-run Bavarian regional breweries, with all of their craft beers brewed in a traditional manner, using just barley, yeast, hops, and water. As a result, the brewing process for the unfiltered and unpasteurised beers is not rushed and can take up to 16 weeks to complete.

“An old school lager”, And Union Unfiltered Lager is brewed with Hallertau aroma hops. When poured from the snow-white can, the liquid is golden with a foaming white head and plenty of effervescence. On the nose, prominent grassy hop notes are joined by distinct aromas of hay, yeast, with biscuit and cereal maltiness. Elsewhere, traces of honey are joined by some soft fruity notes of lemon peel and very subtle mango. Elusive fruit notes continue on the palate, alongside notes of hay and plenty of malty cereal and caramel hints. Moderately sweet with a light, refreshing bitterness, And Union Unfiltered Lager has a long, bittersweet finish with crisp hop freshness and a lingering hum of caramel. Pleasant, easy drinking, and with a relatively tame 5 per-cent ABV, this particular lager is a welcome relief from the watery, saccharine lager synonymous with the rest of the continent.

Further information on And Union can be found here.


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