Beer of the Week – Meantime Tea ‘N Biscus

Brewed: Greenwich, London

Strength: 4.5% ABV

Founded at the turn of the millennium in a small flat in Greenwich by Brew Master Alastair Hook and some like minded friends, Meantime has since become one of the leading breweries in the British Craft Beer revolution. Having set up their state-of-the-art brewery in 2010, just a stones throw from the Prime Meridian, as well as opening The Tasting Rooms – a venue that offers the chance to tour, drink and shop in the company’s main brewery – Meantime’s strong core range is now joined by 21 new ‘Pilot Series’ beers. An exclusive range of limited edition beers, Meantime’s Pilot Series continues to push boundaries, experimenting with different hops, malts and brewing styles.

‘Tea ‘N Biscus’, for instance, is a contemporary twist on a Northern European Saison. Typically full of fruity aromas, with a touch of spice and dry finish due to the fast warm Saison fermentation method, Meantime’s interpretation uses the traditional brewing method, yet includes added hibiscus flowers, used to make hibiscus tea. When poured, ‘Tea ‘N Biscus’ has a vivid pink/red complexion, with visible carbonation and a foaming white head. On the nose, aromas of hibiscus and lemon rind are unsurprising, joined by further notes of rich tea biscuits, juniper and some lychee. Further notes of hibiscus and juniper are prominent on the palate, though the hibiscus’ syrupy-sweet floral notes are contrasted by an intense tart lemon flavour, balanced with a light bitterness that continues with a dry, refreshing finish.  A bold, adventurous Saison, ‘Tea ‘N Biscus’ is well balanced with sweetness, bitterness and sharpness. Although the taste is acquired and will not appeal to everybody – the profound level of brewing skill showcased is impossible to overlook.

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