Beer of the Week – Green’s Ancient Grains Dubbel Ale

Strength: 7% ABV

Brewed: Ghent, Belgium 

Since launching their Ancient Grains range of beers in the UK last year, Green’s has become quickly renowned for a unique and complex brewing approach, which doesn’t use wheat or barley in the brewing process. As a result, the beers are naturally gluten-free, targeting a constantly growing community of experimental beer connoisseurs. In addition to being suitable for those in need of a gluten-free diet – Green’s beers are naturally gentle on the digestive system and boast healthy attributes, with high levels of protein, vitamins, nutrients and probiotic effects. Above all, unlike most gluten-free beers, Green’s Belgian brews deliver on flavour.

Recently launched to follow the success of a five-strong core range, both Green’s Tripel Ale and Dubbel are brewed with long forgotten brewing grains of buckwheat, millet, sorghum and brown rice husks and re-fermented in the bottle to ensure an effervescence quality on pour, plus complex aromas and rich flavours. Named after the ‘second style’ beer crafted by Belgian monastic breweries with twice as much grain as regular beers, Green’s Dubbel Ale has a dark red-brown complexion on pour, topped with a foaming tan head.

On the nose, sweet malt and yeast notes are, unsurprisingly, most prominent, joining aromas of freshly-ground coffee beans, treacle and dried prunes. Alongside sweet notes of treacle, toffee and dark chocolate, some tart red berry notes are also noticeable on the palate, complete with back notes of lemon rind. Finally, a mild bitterness develops and is long on the finish, accompanied by sweet flavours of raspberry, dark sugar and more dark chocolate. As promised, Green’s Dubbel Ale is rich and well-balanced, packing a bold flavour. A dark beer that’s a welcome retreat from gluten-free lager, most typically available.

Further information on Green’s Ancient Grains can be found at Green’s Ancient Grains Dubbel Ale is available from selected independent retailers nation-wide, and online from, RRP £3.50, 330ml bottle.

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