Beer of the Week: Green’s Ancient Grains Dry-Hopped Lager

Since launching their Ancient Grains range of beers in the UK last year, Green’s has become quickly renowned for a unique and complex brewing approach, which doesn’t use wheat or barley in the brewing process. As a result, the beers are naturally gluten-free, targeting a constantly growing community of experimental beer connoisseurs. In addition to being suitable for those in need of a gluten-free diet – Green’s beers are naturally gentle on the digestive system and boast healthy attributes, with high levels of protein, vitamins, nutrients and probiotic effects. Above all, unlike most gluten-free beers, Green’s Belgian brews deliver on flavour.

Light, crisp and refreshing, Green’s Dry-Hopped Lager is finished with the late addition of Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand. As a result, the lager has a profoundly fruity nose. Notes of tropical fruits are joined by aromas of peach, orange and grapefruit rind, somewhat typical of American reiterations of India Pale Ale. On the palate, though, the succinct bitterness from IPA, as suggested with such a bouquet, isn’t particularly distinguishable. Instead, the texture is somewhat thin, complete with some further fruitiness, yeast, sweet light malt notes and some very subtle elderflower. Notes of sour apple follow and lead into a juicy, relatively short finish. Albeit quite thin, this is a promising gluten-free lager; effervescent and refreshing, though better suited to the summer months.

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