Beer of the Week: Neubourg Pilsner

Brewed in the Gulpender brewery of Gulpen ‘Neubourg Pilsner’ is among the freshest, most crisp tasting pilsners you are ever likely to try.

With a heritage stretching back to the early 19th century the beer makers don’t use pasteurisation as part of the brewing process, preferring instead to rely on the organic ingredients sourced locally in the Limburg region of the Netherlands.

In order to “earn” its blue bottle the lager must first mature in our cellars for around 6-8 weeks, before getting filtered to be clear and bottled by carousel filler that ensures no oxygen can get inside and alter the taste.

The resulting taste is quite wonderful. Suited to hot summers day or as a sharpener after a long day at the office the pilsner packs in character while maintaining a fresh and light body.

A yellow-gold hue pours from the unique blue bottles, with a floral perfume and hoppy bitterness on the palate.

Find your nearest stockists of Chateau Neubourg here.

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