Beer of the Week – Meantime London Pale Ale

By Jonathan Hatchman, Food Editor, @TLE_Food

Brewed: Greenwich, London

Strength: 4.3% ABV

Founded at the turn of the millennium in a small flat in Greenwich by Brew Master Alastair Hook and some like minded friends, Meantime has since become one of the leading breweries in the British Craft Beer revolution. Having set up their state-of-the-art brewery in 2010, just a stones throw from the Prime Meridian, as well as recently opening The Tasting Rooms, a venue that offers the chance to tour, drink and shop in the company’s main brewery, Meantime’s core bottled range now features 10 bottled Beers. Having already reported on the Brewery’s London Lager, this week’s pick is the London Pale Ale.

Brewed using American Cascade and Centennial hops as well as Kentish Goldings, Meantime’s London Pale Ale has a balance of subtle citrus with a welcome bitterness. Offering a deep orange-amber complexion with a very thin white head that collapses soon after pouring, the nose is slightly muted in comparison with other leading pale ales. Strong hop aromas are omnipresent, as are slight notes of orange and grape fruit. The taste, however, isn’t massively exciting for pale ale – mostly hops and barley – but the crisp and bitter finish is the jewel in London Pale Ale’s crown. The taste isn’t too inspired, but teamed with bold dishes such as hot curries and rich pies – this quaffable beer is a welcome accompaniment.

The Tasting Rooms can be found at Lawrence Trading Estate, Blackwall Lane, London, SE10 0AR and London Pale Ale can be purchased directly from the brewery at

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