Beer of the Week: Beavertown Dame Melba Phantom

Named after the old Cockney name given to the De Beauvoir area of London, where the brewery was born in 2011, Beavertown now operates from a site in Tottenham Hale. Having upgraded to a premises with a 50HL Brew House to work from, Beavertown has become renowned for crafting a core range of stunning beers, as well as some more adventurous seasonal offerings. Moreover, the brewery also asserts some of the most striking label visuals to decorate their range of cans.

A limited-release seasonal beer from the brewery, Dame Melba Phantom is a Berliner Weisse style loaded with peach and Scottish raspberry, intended to be drank fresh. Natural, unfiltered and unpasteurised, the beer’s alcohol by volume is slightly higher than that of typical Berliner Weisse examples, at four per-cent.

When poured from the can, the beer has a cloudy, peach-orange complexion, crowned with a thin off-white head. On the nose, aromas of peach are instantly prominent, complete with light malt, yeast, bread, yoghurt and some slight raspberry. With a reserved lactic sourness as it’s keynote – as is typical of the style – Dame Melba Phantom carries plenty of fruit notes, with tart raspberry dominating over peach, plus more yeast, freshly baked white bread and a whisper of lemon sherbet which continues on the long finish which carries further bread savours awash with lactic acid and tart raspberry. A remarkable British interpretation of this classic German style.

Further information on Beavertown Brewery can be found here.


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