200-Course Tasting Menu To Arrive In London Next Month

By Jonathan Hatchman, Food Editor, @TLE_Food

Quite frankly, there have been times when we’ve over indulged in restaurant tasting menus, generally featuring a maximum of eight to ten courses. After which, we have always struggled to eat anything on the following day, let alone struggling to finish all of the dishes on offer. However, for the very first time, a one-day event is set to take place in London next month. The latest venture from Bompas and Parr, in association with Bespoke Offers, will see The Factory in Bermondsey turn into a restaurant – The 200 Club – for one day only, with the world’s largest tasting menu, featuring a whopping 200-courses.

Beginning at 8am on September 3rd, the event will run for 24 hours and will feature collaborations with eight of London’s top restaurants, including chefs from Chiltern Firehouse, Claridge’s and Restaurant Story. If the 200-course meal is for you, you’re recommended to buy tickets quickly as only two sets will be available, priced at £2000. If, like many, you believe that 200 courses is far too extravagant, there will also be a selection of 20-course meals, which does still sound outrageous, albeit priced at £49, which is much more realistic.

A selection of ten 20-course meals will make up the full 200-course feast, following a colour theme, beginning with a ‘Yellow Breakfast’ and working its way through courses that include ‘White Elevenses’, ‘Green Lunch’, ‘Blue Afternoon Snack’, ‘Purple Five O’Clock Tiffin’, ‘Pink Dinner’, ‘Red Party Time’, ‘Orange Drunchies’, ‘Brown Blackout’, and ‘Multicolour Final Countdown’.

Tickets for the one-off event are sure to sell-out quickly, so you’d best be quick to get involved. Further information on the event and a ticket link can be found at

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