Spirit of the Week: 1800 Silver Tequila

1800 Silver Tequila is a mid-range super premium Blanco tequila that won’t completely ruin your evening.  

Like most things (especially when drinking is concerned), quality is everything when it comes to tequila. While tequila has become a big business in recent years (George Clooney recently sold his tequila company to Diaego for up to $1 Billion), so many of us still detest the spirit. The problem here is that so many abhorrers base their convictions of having only tried the the most disgusting expressions, merely posing as real tequila. Perhaps needless to say, plastic Sombrero-wearing bottles generally belong on supermarket shelves and nowhere else.

That is not to say that only eye-wateringly expensive tequila is tolerable. 1800 tequila, for instance, is a generally respected, mid-range “super premium” bottle less expensive than Patrón. Like most silver (or Blanco) tequilas, 1800 silver is minimally aged and thus belongs to the purest tequila forms. As a result, silver tequila is generally the best introductory style, most commonly used in cocktails. Distilled by Casa Cuervo in Jalisco, Mexico, 1800 tequila takes its name from the year that tequila is said to have first been created. Each of the brand’s expressions are distilled with100 per cent Weber blue agave grown on highlands ranches, and .

Encased within a triangular bottle, intentionally reflective of Mayan pyramids, 1800 silver’s royal blue bottle backdrop disguises the pale gold/yellow colour of the liquid. Mellowed in American Oak barrels for just 15 days, the spirit is double distilled and blended with a “special selection” of the distillery’s white tequila for added complexity and smoothness. On the nose, prominent notes of agave are unsurprisingly present. These are joined by some black peppercorn, roasted peppers, ancho chilli and spice aromas. The peppers continue onto the palate, joined by some sweeter prune notes, but the exceptional smoothness is most noticeable, with a thick, oily mouthfeel.

The finish is long, sweet and supple – with further vegetal notes backed by underlying agave. This is a fine tequila for uninitiated or bona fide tequila enthusiasts, ideal to be supped slowly – without salt and lime. The spirit’s versatility also makes it a brilliant base for cocktails and long drinks. Signature serve ‘The 1800 Blush’, for instance, is a refreshing summer drink – teaming 1800 Silver Tequila with rose lemonade.

The 1800 Blush Recipe


50ml 1800 Silver Tequila

170ml Fentimans Rose Lemonade

To Garnish

Pink grapefruit, a slice

Fresh mint, a sprig


Combine ingredients in a glass with ice. Garnish with a slice of pink grapefruit and a sprig of fresh mint.

1800 Silver Tequila is available from, £25.49, 70cl.

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