Pop Up Cinema: Where To Watch In London This Summer

Pop-up screens return to London again this summer with a season’s-worth of flicks aired in parks around the capital.

Bishops Park in Fulham, Greenwich Peninsula, Coram’s Field, Ravenscourt Park in Hammersmith, Manor House Gardens in Hither Green and East Greenwich Pleasaunce will all provide the perfect alfresco set(ting) for this summer’s screenings.

This year, Pop Up Screens have also announced that they will be taking over the courtyard of the city’s historic Guildhall in EC2 for seven nights in August. This will include a special screening of the mighty Gladiator where visitors will get the chance to see the Guildhall’s amazing Roman Amphitheatre.

Pop Up Screens - Greenwich (40 of 41)

Elsewhere there will be an eclectic mix of films, including classic comedies such as Anchorman and Four Weddings, blockbusters like Top Gun and Back To The Future, and fantastic fantasies such as Jurassic World and Star Wars. There’s even a handful of girly favorites such as Pretty Women and The Notebook if that’s what you’re after.

Pop Up Screens founder David Leydon said:  “This is our fifth summer bouncing round London, so we almost know what we’re doing when it comes to finding an awesome movie and a lovely location.  Pop Up Screens is all about creating an atmosphere for you to have fun with your friends and loved ones and see a movie you love.  There’s no advertising to sit through and no sponsors to indulge, it’s just about you having a good time with a park full of like minded people who’ll get up and dance with you in Dirty Dancing or throw out a Truffle Shuffle during The Goonies.”

Pop Up Screens - Greenwich (24 of 41)

Tickets are £12 for adults, £6 for children and you can bag yourself a weekend ticket for £25. You’re welcome to bring blankets, beanbags and cushions or you can hire a director’s chair for £2. There will of course be popcorn from Drum and Kernel, burgers and craft beer on offer and you can bring your own drinks and snacks too!

Complete Summer Programme

JULY 22 Bishop’s Park, Fulham Labyrinth 7.30pm http://bit.ly/1UvBq7M
23 Bishop’s Park, Fulham Dirty Dancing 7.30pm http://bit.ly/26OUx1w
24 Bishop’s Park, Fulham 500 days of Summer 7.30pm http://bit.ly/1OcOM20
29 Greenwich Peninsula, North Greenwich Anchorman 7.30pm http://bit.ly/23lXlyr
30 Greenwich Peninsula, North Greenwich Grease 7.30pm http://bit.ly/1SZfdiZ
31 Greenwich Peninsula, North Greenwich Back to the Future 7.30pm http://bit.ly/1X6v5QF
AUGUST 5 Guildhall Pulp Fiction 6pm http://bit.ly/26OVXJ6
6 Guildhall Dirty Dancing 6pm http://bit.ly/1rQYgeW
7 Guildhall Romeo + Juliet 6pm http://bit.ly/1UvCKHy
8 Guildhall Gladiator 6pm http://bit.ly/24vu9rk
9 Guildhall Stand By Me 6pm http://bit.ly/1SKRiyB
10 Guildhall Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 6pm http://bit.ly/1SJnQw6
11 Guildhall Deadpool 6pm http://bit.ly/1VIgifF
12 Coram’s Fields, Holborn Ten Things I Hate About You 7pm http://bit.ly/24mwI2m
13 Coram’s Fields, Holborn Pretty Woman 7pm http://bit.ly/1Z7yhKk
14 Coram’s Fields, Holborn Goonies 7pm http://bit.ly/1Nj8oXo
19 Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith Jurassic Park 7pm http://bit.ly/1Z7z6CS


20 Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith Four Weddings 7pm http://bit.ly/1SJpfD4


21 Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith Back to the Future 7pm http://bit.ly/1OcPD2A
26 Manor House Gardens, Hither Green Breakfast Culb 7pm http://bit.ly/1W6m8Ib
27 Manor House Gardens, Hither Green Dirty Dancing 7pm http://bit.ly/1SKSLF1
28 Manor House Gardens, Hither Green Back to the Future 7pm http://bit.ly/23m0lLc
SEPTEMBER 2 Bishop’s Park, Fulham The Usual Suspects 6.30pm http://bit.ly/23m0xdy
3 Bishop’s Park, Fulham Star Wars – The Force Awakens 6.30pm http://bit.ly/1QQYSp4
4 Bishop’s Park, Fulham Pitch Perfect 6.30pm http://bit.ly/23m0Kxc
9 Coram’s Fields, Holborn Top Gun 6.30pm http://bit.ly/1rR1i32
10 Coram’s Fields, Holborn The Notebook 6.30pm http://bit.ly/23m0XAF
11 Coram’s Fields, Holborn Beauty & The Beast 6.30pm http://bit.ly/1SZgNSf
16 Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith The Big Lebowski 6.30pm

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