By Anna Power

Following 2014’s much loved cinematic triumph Paddington, can the sequel maintain the film’s authenticity, charisma and sheer joie de vivre? The simple answer is yes and with bells on.

Bringing to life such a beloved and enduring character from Michael Bond’s timeless books is a weighty responsibility and one that director Paul King has achieved, making the Paddington we know and love larger than life and giving him a storyline to match. Full of action and adventure and with nail biting tension Paddington must face the plight of the wrongly accused after being framed for robbery by the deliciously dubious villain of the piece Hugh Grant. After poor Paddington’s trial he ends up in sing sing only to meet a rag tag band of brothers including Brendan Gleeson as ‘Knuckles McGinty’ and teaches him the art of marmalade sandwich making. There’s lots to amuse both children and adults alike and more than a few moments when even the hardened among us will be fighting back the tears. The action is breathtaking from underwater rescues to runaway trains Paddington 2 has it all. If that’s not enough Its scene stealing show stopper end credits will leave you laughing loudly to a Busby Berkeley style musical extravaganza number with Hugh Grant.

Joyful, hilarious, moving and tender and all absolutely authentically Michael Bond’s Paddington, make Paddington 2 an instant classic and a memorable and hugely successful sequel not to be missed.


Paddington 2 is in cinemas from Friday 10th November.


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