Life On The Road Sountrack: Cumin Soon

The soundtrack for David Brent’s come-back movie Life on the Road has been revealed along with new single ‘Lady Gypsy’.

Brent and his band Foregone Conclusion have released the record which features such hits as ‘Equality Street’, ‘Free Love Freeway’ and ‘Spaceman’. New tracks ‘Native American’ and ‘Please don’t Make Fun Of The Disableds’ also star on the 15-track record.

The album is set to be released to coincide with a film set 15 years after the events of The Office which follows Brent, a sales rep after leaving Wernham Hogg, as he self funds a tour with his band Foregone Conclusion.

Appearing alongside Gervais, who also writes and directs, are comedian Ben Bailey Smith, former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows, Shetland’s Nina Sosanya and multi-million selling singer Peter Andre.

The album has been produced by Burrows and Gervais, who had this to say about the album: “Even though the songs are funny in context, they’re not comedy songs as such. David Brent doesn’t think they’re funny. He thinks they’re important. And actually they’re not terrible songs. And they’re insanely catchy. But the tragedy comes from the fact that a 55 year old tampon rep is singing rock songs about travelling across America picking up Señoritas or trying to end racism in reggae songs while singing with a Jamaican accent. He’s also paid for the best musicians and studio time out of his own hard earned cash and pension.”

Burrows added: “You have to have a real knowledge and love of rock music to be able to spoof it as well as Ricky. He’s an excellent songwriter, and these are really good songs. They’re also hilarious. Combining the two is much, much harder than he makes it appear.”

The full tracklisting for Life On The Road is as follows:

‘Ooh La La’
‘Native American’
‘Lonely Cowboy’
‘Free Love Freeway’
‘Life On The Road’
‘Thank Fuck It’s Friday’
‘Lady Gypsy’
‘Please don’t Make Fun Of The Disableds’
‘Paris Nights’
‘Don’t Cry It’s Christmas’
‘Equality Street’
‘Aint No Trouble’

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