As malignant intolerance and nationalism spreads through Europe and America, there is a powerful urgency in Annalisa Piras’ concise 60 minute documentary, Europe at Sea, that should make it mandatory viewing. Although it is a political document addressing the European Union’s approach to global and European issues, its message is uniquely human; “No country in the world of today is a big one.”

The documentary centres on Federica Mogherini, who at 43 is the youngest person to head the Foreign and Security Policy for the European Union, as she attempts to tackle the out-dated Global European Strategy. Her goal is clear, to make the EU an actor in itself on defence, to remove its dependency and build its own capabilities.

Through the many crises that Europe faces today, migration, the threat of terrorism and new wars, Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, Europe at Sea explores the need for the 28 nation states that make up the European Union to come together and build a comprehensive foreign policy strategy that will benefit and strengthen all.

It’s a well-produced document that is balanced, measured, and provides exclusive footage of two of the EU’s current operations. EU Navfor Med’s Operation Sophia, which works to tackle human trafficking, enforce arms embargos and save the lives of migrants escaping conflict zones through Libyan waters and EUCAP Sahel Niger, a capacity building mission based in Agadez.

The information is clearly & directly communicated, and coupled with some extraordinary footage. The underwater photography that captures the aftermath of the Lampedusa migrant shipwreck, and the efforts made by EU naval forces to safely transfer migrants from overcrowded, unsafe boats injects the film with a humanity that presses upon the urgency of Europe at Sea’s message, and keeps the subject matter accessible.

Europe at Sea makes a strong case for the work Mogherini is trying to accomplish, and stresses that a stronger Europe comes from a united Europe that looks beyond the security and humanitarian challenges on its doorstep, and accepts its responsibility to fight them together.


Europe at Sea will available 1st December on Amazon VOD


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