Big Bang Theory

The 15 Greatest Ever TV Shows

A list of the top 15 greatest ever TV shows has been compiled by Sky Atlantic with Breaking Bad and the Big Bang Theory both landing in the top 5. 

It seems we could be living in a second Golden Age of television with eight of the top 15 TV shows made in the past ten years. Along with Breaking Bad and the Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones landed in seventh place beating time-honoured British classic Doctor Who, which finished eighth.  The Inbetweeners, Sherlock,  24 and Gavin and Stacey also fell inside the top 15 list.

Sky Atlantic’s research marks the arrival of every episode of Game of Thrones ever on demand through Sky Box Sets and NOW TV, and found devouring episodes soon becomes an everyday habit- the average viewer had clocked up 13 consecutive days of watching an episode of something they love.

The study also found three in ten have not left the house for a whole day in order to watch their favourite show and a similar number have sacrificed not getting dressed or showering to carry on the marathon.

Yesterday a spokesman for Sky Atlantic said: “As the results prove, the shows we identify with and become fans of play a big part of who we are and, much like our choice of books or music, help define us as a person.

“Some shows are so big that people clearly feel a pressure to get involved and find out what the fuss is all about rather than feeling left out.

“But the way in which we consume these shows is changing and the passion surrounding today’s big shows means people are looking for ways to catch up and be a part of it.”

“Game of Thrones emerged as one of the shows people were most likely to feel a fear of missing out on or regret not getting in to first time round.

“With all four series now available on-demand, now might be the time to rectify that.”


1.         Fawlty Towers

2.         Only Fools and Horses

3.         Breaking Bad

4.         Big Bang Theory

5.         Friends

6.         Blackadder

7.         Game of Thrones

8.         Doctor Who

9.         Father Ted

10.        Downton Abbey

11.        The Inbetweeners

12.        Sherlock

13.        24

14.        Gavin and Stacey

15.        The Simpsons

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