Watch – Kate Tempest’s Takedown of Theresa May at Glastonbury Festival 2017

Kate Tempest didn’t hold back as she launched in Theresa May in an angry and emotional attack on the Tory leader. The crowd and many on social media were deeply touched by her words and her unrelenting delivery.

She said: “School kids on the hunt for lunch, cut the apron strings at least it keeps the bastards leaning,” she said. “Murdoch headlines leeches for the letting of our blood lost, blame it on the migrants suffocated in containers, blame it on the Muslims or whichever current favourite takes the weight of our collective hate and keeps the nation safe. Privatise and privatise and private, let the nurses burn.

And yes, divide the country, will they never learn, will they never stop, then bring the army out to guard us. Tell us these liberal carted martyrs will not test our liberal values…

“Stop stability. Meanwhile suicide is increasing, more rough sleepers, ugly words in public places, fear and doubt and all the racists have come out to show their faces. Under May there is a gulf that separates us and it seem to get a little wider every day.

“Now watch her pray on every tragedy. Divide, divide and frenzy up the nastiness.”

Watch Video here 

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