WATCH: Chewbacca Mum drives James Corden to work

The late show host James Corden has managed to track down the internet’s latest superstar for a new ‘Late Late Show’ skit.

Mum of two, Candice Payne, went viral after posting a video of herself opening a new Starwars Chewbacca mask and breaking down into fits of laughter in her car.

The new clip shows a giggling Candice driving Corden to work.  As she takes the wheel Candice shares with Corden her experience with finding instant internet fame after her video, intended for her friends, has now exceeded 150 million views.

The pair also don the Chewbacca masks that have now been made famous and are selling on the internet at vastly inflated prices due to a newfound fame.

In case you haven’t seen the original video, check it out below.  We challenge you not to laugh…

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