Watch Cast Grow In 2 Minutes Of Music Made From All 8 Harry Potter Movies

Watch 2 Minutes Of Harry Potter Magic Remixed By Eclectic Method.

Turntables magician and audiovisual remixer Eclectic Method has turned his sorcery on our favourite wand waving wizard and his friends.

Harry Potter and his friends grow up in just over two minutes of this house music tune – made from sounds from all eight movies. We’re not sure what we love more watching the cast grow up over a decade, or the magic movie musical remix conjured up from sounds from the movies’ defining moments.

Eclectic Method AKA Jonny Wilson – renowned for remixing all kinds of media and performing them live sent TLE Music a sneak peak of the incredible production and explained:

“I’ve always loved Harry Potter but felt what it really needed was to be ruined with house music. The eight movies were totally rich in great sounds that make for great music and also you can see the actors grow up in rapid pace.”


Let us know if this put a spell on you too !


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