Viet Cong Unveil Video For ‘Bunker Buster’

Viet Cong, the Calgary-based quartet —recently short-listed for Canada’s’ prestigious Polaris Music Prize,— have revealed their brand new video for “’Bunker Buster’”, directed by Yoonha Park.

It’s a heady mish-mash of twitchy-faced mannequins, smoking starlets and milky blood. Who are you to resist?

If Viet Cong’s “’Bunker Buster’” elicits the images of a nighttime urban hellscape littered with lost souls, it does so with its dissected, angular rhythms and existential lyrics. Taking these visual cues even further, director Yoonha Park gives the song a grainy, sci-fi treatment, taking influences from the likes of Wong Kar-Wai, Philip K. Dick, and Lars von Trier in his video for the song.

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