“When someone pitches a “performance video” in the HECK video think tank, they are generally met with stony faces and rolled eyes. Music videos are a chance to show more creativity visually. Straight up performance generally say fuck all except “this is what we look like playing our song” which, you know, is great and all, but is worth about 10 seconds of your YouTube time before going back to watching compilations of people braining themselves whilst trying to surf an ironing board down a main road.”

That’s Heck frontman Matt Reynold’s view on performance videos. It’s just as well, then, that the band went all-out on their latest video effort for ‘The Breakers’, employing the use of “a BBC wildlife camera crew, a nuclear lighting rig and a motorised robot buggy camera thing that came from the future”.

The use of equipment usually spared for capturing wild beasts in their natural habitat seems the perfect fit for Heck, who are no more at home than on-stage tearing it up (literally). If there’s one thing that’s missing from the video it’s more opportunities for Matt and co. to get smashing. More furniture, ornaments and general breakables required in the next one, lads.

Tour Dates


18th London Alexandra Palace (Warped Tour)

31st Bristol Exchange


1st Bournemouth The Anvil

2nd Plymouth The Junction

3rd Cardiff The Globe

4th Stoke Underground

5th Glasgow Audio

6th Carlisle The Brickyard

7th Huddersfield The Parish

8th Leeds Key Club

10th Birmingham Cellar

11th St Albans The Horn

12th Derby The Venue

13th Leicester Soundhouse

14th Burnley Sanctuary Rock Bar

28th London Dr. Martens’ Stand For Something Tour, The Black Heart, w/ Bury Tomorrow

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