VIDEO – ‘Geordie’ character in US show is a contender for worse ever accent

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

I am from Newcastle and yes I have what some would call ” a stupid incomprehensible accent,” and inevitably some “joker” in the pub will try and mimic it for “comic” effect. It makes me cringe especially when begged to say “why aye man,” to a group of trainee accountants from Kent, who then go on to give my northern dialect a go.

But nothing has prepared me for this…US television show Castle’s interpretation of the Newcastle accent is the best (as in worst) thing I have ever seen or heard. He does use the word “doylem,” which is a “pewa” Geordie phrase, so someone, somewhere, on the show must have a vague idea how it is actually spoken.

“Though technically English, the language has evolved to include a certain unique vocabulary and grammatical structure”, remarks one character when hearing it.

Watch it here


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