Blaenavon’s Mining Gala was a dramatised and glamorised throw back to a by-gone era of preserving miner’s rights, with a bloody murder thrown in. The team that organised the event, Two Dolphins, ran a super slick evening, which included a poisoned capitalist, Indiana Jones and a paternity reveal.

The plot, that had been crafted by Two Dolphins, was intricate and layered with more twists and turns than a Christmas special of Eastenders. It provided an opportunity to escape into the world of a 1930’s mining community, complete with mine owner, the local MP and union representatives as well as less obvious characters such as an explorer and an undercover investigator disguised as a librarian.

The evening commenced with a BYOB drinks reception, followed by a march around East London protesting for the preservation of worker’s rights. The group then returned to the gala for a two-course meal, during which there was much discussion of local gossip, as well as one character violently getting hit over the head with a bottle. Shortly after, that character was pronounced dead, to the shock and horror of the gala attendees. Thereafter a tour of the local pit was thrown in for good measure. The attendees were then invited to continue to enjoy the evening, partaking in a spot of roulette and many rounds of ‘who dunnit?!’.

Of course, the night ended with the big reveal. Only one gala guest guessed correctly, leading us to conclude that the plot was so shrouded in mystery and deception that every character, all whom played their role perfectly, was integral to the multi-layered plot from the moment the evening began. A five star night for all involved, we cannot wait for the next opportunity to attend a Two Dolphins event.

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Words Hannah Pinnock

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