Taboo Review – “Best piece of television I have seen in a decade”

Having just watched the last two episodes of Taboo back to back as part of my Sunday evening wind down, I can only conclude that it is a tour de force by Tom Hardy, his writer Steven Knight ( who wrote the unusual, excellent and wonderfully named film ‘Locke’) his Father Ed ‘Chips’ Hardy, the superlative cast and the BBC.

This is what TV is supposed to be, a visceral experience that leaves you desperate for the next episode.

Taboo has been one of the finest dramas on British Television in decades. Style is something Taboo oozes from every inch of the screen. Each episode, its dreamy underwater opening credits and Max Richter string score introduce the beauty to come during the show. And when it comes it washes over you.

I have been a huge fan of Ripper Street and Peaky Blinders, both of which trod similar dramatic paths in characters, evocative costume, sets and themes.

Taboo has taken the idea of period drama to another level.

A masterclass in writing for an ensemble cast of equally, sublimely committed and talented actors at the top of their game.

You can see the enjoyment and joy they all share being a part of this exquisite production through their performances.

It is a rollicking yarn based some part in fact and actual historic figures.

Mark Gatiss as the extremely unpleasant Prince Regent is my only complaint, as his make up was not as convincing as it could be and and he took my concentration away from the story with every appearance – tiny gnat on a rhinos arse of a moan though due to the superb attention to detail, authenticity and quality of everything else in the drama.

It is possibly the best piece of television I have seen in a decade.

Bravo Mr Hardy! Bravo!

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