Celebrity Big Brother star admits using “racially aggravated” threatening language

The tattooed model son of celebrity chef Marco Pierre White was ‘drunk as a skunk’ at a train station and called police officers ‘f*ggots’ and n****s’, a court heard.

Marco Pierre White Jr, 23, admitted charges of being drunk and disorderly and using racially aggravated language last November when he appeared in court today

The former Celebrity Big Brother star did not turn up for his last scheduled court appearance before Christmas, so a trial was due to go ahead in his absence.

But he appeared without a solicitor at Hendon Magistrates’ Court for the trial.

He claimed any post that does not include ‘Junior’ at the end of his name gets redirected to his famous father in Singapore and asked for a further adjournment of the case because he had not seen the witness statements.

But a District Judge said the hearing would go ahead after hearing he signed the witness statements while in bed at his father’s luxury three star country hotel after two police officers personally attended.

Judge Margot Coleman told him: “I’m sure this a problem you have encountered for 23 years.”

Simon Maughan, prosecuting, said: “The police took it upon themselves to personally attend his address on more than one occasion.

“On the last occasion on December 23 at 10am, they attended the Rudloe Hall Hotel and were accompanied to the room of Marco Pierre White Jr.

“Pierre White was in bed, but was awake. He asked what it was and then accepted a collection of statements from witnesses relating to the incident he was due in court for.

“He signed them and there is a note of this in the officer’s note book.”

Pierre White Jr said: “I don’t recall getting any letters.”

Judge Coleman said: “I’m satisfied police officers went to an address, spoke to you and gave you the documents and you signed.”

The prosecutor told the court Pierre White Jr was at the Cabin Bar pub in Paddington station in west London with three women at the time of the incident.

The group were heard ‘shouting and swearing’ and upset a barmaid when she told them they needed to buy something to be able to sit in the bar.

Pierre White Jr was said to have had a black eye, had slurred speech and a glazed over expression. Bar staff also said he ‘smelt bad’.

In a witness statement, Sandra Goncalves said: “At around 10.30am I was working on the bar.

“A female asked for tap water and then returned her table which was one of the closest to the bar entrance with two other females and one lone male.

“I asked if she or any of her companions were ready to order any food or drink. There were rude and sarcastic comments made from the girls and they began to laugh at me.

“The male asked if he could order a pint of Peroni.

“He did not appear particularly drunk, but he was slurring his words and his eyes were glazed and red. He seemed like he was on something.

“He also smelt really bad. He was wearing a black jacket with no shirt underneath so his body was exposed.

“He had a black eye like someone had punched him in the face.”

Pub general manager Henriette Lohonya said: “Staff attempted to serve the group, but a member of staff said to me ‘can you serve them because they are taking the p*ss out of me?’

“The male began to behave disruptively, saying he wants a pint of Peroni. I said if he wants to talk to us in a proper manner he will be served.

“I saw him pay for the product. Two minutes later he places both feet on the table.

“I went over and he immediately stated to swear and shout ‘f*ck off’ and ‘shut your f*cking mouth’.

“The females were shouting as well. I felt this was not nice, and upsetting. I said I had no issues giving the money back for the beer, but they could leave.

“They seemed not to be listening and were shouting what they had said previously.

“I decided to call the police. I could see they did not believe me and they stayed seated.”

Ms Lohonya said she called over two PCSOs from the British Transport Police.

PCSO Thomas Collins said in a witness statement that when they attended the group were ‘being abusive’ in the bar.

He said Pierre White had said to his friends: “Don’t worry they are fake f*cking police. They can’t f*cking do anything.”

Pierre White was handcuffed and another officer was called, the court heard.

PC Ryan Townsend said in a witness statement that he attended and started to search Pierre White.

He claimed Pierre White called him a ‘f*ggot’ and made a number of other derogatory remarks about his sexuality.

PC Townsend said: “He was using the word ‘f*ck’ and was arrested for being drunk and disorderly. I started to search him and he whilst doing so he made derogatory comments towards my sexuality.

“He said: ‘you like touching me don’t you’ and ‘you must have been sexually abused when you were a child’.

“His girlfriend approached and gave him £40, He began to argue about this. We took the money off him, he looked at me and said ‘f*ck these n*ggas’. It was completely unnecessary and racist.

“Whilst I was searching he also called me a f*ggot.”

PCSO Karina Denley also backed up the account Pierre White Jr had called the officer the derogatory term and added: “He wanted money from the female with the black coat as he had no money or bank card on him.

“When she did, he started to swear and refuse to give the money to us and said ‘f*ck these n*ggas’.

“His girlfriend said: ‘You’re a f*cking idiot, no wonder they have arrested you’.

Pierre White said he had said the word ‘n*gga’ because he was rapping.

He added that he was currently in rehab for alcohol addiction and before the incident in November had been sober ‘for a year and a half’.

He has previous offences, including one count of using threatening abusive language in 2011 – when he was a teenager – being drunk in charge of a car while drunk in 2016 and fraud by false representation for which he was handed a community order.

Judge Coleman said: “It’s quite clear the racial language ‘n*gga’ was used more than once. It was not used in the course of a song but language.

“You have pleaded guilty to the offences against you, you hardly had any choice. Nonetheless I do give you credit.

“You were certainly drunk as a skunk on 15 November. You bring shame on yourself and bring shame on your family. It’s extremely unpleasant for other people using the station and using the Cabin Bar.

“There will be a fine based on your declared income. You’re fortunate that your charge can only be dealt with by way of fine.”

Pierre White, of Horsham, Surrey, was fined £200 for being drunk and disorderly and using racially aggravated language and must pay a further £115 in costs, totalling £315.

Speaking outside the court, the tattooed ‘social media influencer’ claimed he was singing lyrics by controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine when he was stopped.

He said he was singing the song “Kooda” by the currently-incarcerated New York musician.

Lyrics in the gangsta rap song include “All my n*ggas really gang bang, talk that damn slang, rap about it, do the same thing, let your nuts hang.”

By Adela Whittingham

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