Top Themes for a Fabulous Office Party

Corporate parties are a great way to meet your colleagues in a more relaxed and unconventional environment, and it can be especially helpful for those that haven’t had much time to mingle during office hours. Nonetheless, they tend to include larger groups of people, which could potentially cause conflict in individual preferences regarding food, drinks or even the music selection.

In order to avoid such disharmonious situations, it is best to choose a single theme and stick to its elements. You could even run an online poll to see which one would get the most votes and make it as democratic as possible. So, without further ado, get some ideas beforehand and be prepared to organize everything when the time comes.

Casino Night

This is one of the top themes circulating among corporate parties. You’re all of legal age, have a stable source of income and like the possibility of earning something extra. The ‘casino night’ theme provides all these elements, and plus the opportunity to dress up and turn it into a highly exclusive event.

You can choose to which extent you are willing to take your preparations, but it doesn’t have to require renting out a whole casino floor or separate roulette machines. Just hire a few card dealers for the night and clean up a few tables – you can have poker and blackjack tables without much trouble, and even add a few card games of your liking.


No, you won’t have to print out your initials on a shirt, even though some people might choose to solve their costume challenge this way. This party theme requires everyone attending to choose a letter from the alphabet and wear a costume starting with that letter. For instance, if you select the letter C, you can come as a clown or a cartoon character – the possibilities are all but endless. Plus, you get two for one – both a form of masquerade and a possibility to be creative about it.

College Party

This theme will let you pay respects to your college days, and allow you to test your current capacity to retain the same tempo. Of course, there is no need to get overly drunk and pass out on your friend’s floor, but you can sure use it to revitalize your beer pong skills. Get a football table or a darts machine, and you are bound to have a great time.

Rhyme or Reason

The ‘rhyme or reason’ party theme will require you to work in groups, or pairs of two coworkers at the least. You are supposed to choose two or more items that rhyme and dress up the best you can to represent them (like ‘balloon’ and ‘moon’) or choose a saying, a piece of old wisdom and find the best way to express it through your clothes. After mingling, you can play the guessing game and even prepare a small gift for the cleverest team.

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