Zoe Lyons’ ‘LITTLE MISFIT’ UK tour started on 5th October and ends on 4th December. We met up with her for a quick chat…

What is your show about?

My show this year is loosely based on the idea of not belonging to any particular tribe. I will always have a idea to use as the spine of the show to hang different routines from. I really like it when I am putting a show together, because it is like a living growing thing and the fun comes from linking the pieces together. This show covers everything from Brexit to bad bin etiquette.

What are you most looking forward to for the tour?

When you are on tour people have made the effort to come out to see you specifically and that is lovely, so the shows tend to be great fun and there is room to play a bit with ten crowd. The other joy of touring is discovering new venues around the country that I might not have played at before and we have some real gems in the UK. Some cracking little theatres run with real love and commitment. It is so important that these places are supported and are able to thrive.


How do you think it will compare to your other shows?

With every show I do I change a little as a performer. I get a wee bit more confident every time. Being yourself on stage sounds easier than it is, every year I become more myself onstage. I do have a definite style of comedy, I am a pretty physical performer and I get a proper buzz out of embodying my routines and giving them life.

Where in the world is your favourite place to do a show?

I am horribly biased because it is my home town but Brighton audiences are great value. I run a monthly gig in the city and have done for the last ten years and I never tire of performing to the Brighton crowd. They are comedy savvy but can also take the mickey out of themselves. Cities do have their own distinctive character and of course this is reflected in the audience who come out to see you. Glasgow and Newcastle are also two great places to gig.

What is your inspiration?

I honestly don’t know most of the time where my inspiration comes from. Thoughts just pop into my mind that whirl around for a time, I mull them over and eventually I find a way of (hopefully) making it funny. I rarely sit down to right routines, they develop over time, I work them out on stage, tweak them here and there and keep adding to them. I think at the moment it is hard not to be inspired or influenced in part by world events. These are indeed, interesting times.

Summarise your comedy style in three words?

Animated, thoughtful buffoonery.

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