Comedian Jamali Maddix’s new show, ‘Chickens Come Home To Roost’, takes a dark, frank and honest look at life through the eyes of a self-confessed miscreant, whose upbringing, friends and family have given him a distinctly considered and shrewd outlook on issues of race, economics and the law.

His natural confidence and charm allow him to tread gracefully across more sensitive topics leaving many of his contemporaries behind. We caught up with him for a chat.

What can people expect from your show?
A man with a mic telling jokes essentially but I’m just trying to be as honest and as funny as I can be

What’s the inspiration behind ‘Chickens Come Home To Roost’?
It’s a saying meaning you reap what you so (I think). I based the show around the idea of redemption from choices

What kick-started your passion for Comedy?
I’d say watching comedy on TV and getting the idea you can do it for a job

How do you feel London audiences differ from other regional cities?
To be honest not too much, they might not relate to a London Underground Tube reference other than that it’s pretty much the same

What’s the strangest thing that you’ve encountered at one of your shows?
I did a gig at a restaurant where none of the diners knew there was a show and were told to stop talking as they turned off the music and were made to watch comedy while eating.

How do you feel about hecklers at your gigs?
It depends on their intentions, some want to ruin a gig for whatever reason, they’re shitty. However, some people just want to be involved as long as it isn’t an annoyance to the crowd I’m cool with it.


‘Chickens Come Home To Roost’ is at the Soho Theatre from 27th Feb to 4th March. For tickets click here 

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