TLE Meets…Eleanor Conway

Eleanor’s debut stand up show ‘Walk of Shame’, which premiered at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival to critical acclaim, is set to embark on a nationwide tour UK next month. The tour takes in 23 dates starting on 3rd February at the Brighton Komedia and culminating on 30th September at Bollington Arts Centre.

Ferocious clubber and party girl Eleanor Conway has always been a woman of extremes; she partied around the world as a music journalist, ran off to Asia to work for the triads, made hardcore porn and Tinder’d her way through most of London… Now sober from alcohol and substances she’s failing to find moderation and meaning. ‘Walk of Shame’ is about sex, sobriety, Sambuca and the modern addict that lies within us all.

1) What can people expect from your show?
A funny show with underlying darkness. In it I talk about the extremes I go to in life and the places I end up. Literally and emotionally.

2) What’s the inspiration behind ‘Walk of Shame’?
Getting sober from booze and trying to recalibrate my life. The physical act of writing was cathartic and is part of the reason I was able to keep focus in the early days.

3) How long have you been doing Comedy for and how did you get involved?
I’ve been doing standup for just over two year. I was a music presenter previous to that and it was a natural evolution.

4) What’s the most bizarre thing to happen at one of your shows?
I hosted a show called ‘Comedy Rumble’ a few years ago and during the show a punter stood up to go to the loo and was met with chants of ‘piss in a cup, piss in a cup, piss in a cup’ from the other members of the audience…… And so we stopped the show while the guy urinated in a cup on stage…. Good times.

5) How do you think London’s comedy scene differs from other regional cities?
London is H.A.R.D… Some of the pickiest people in the world as culturally we’re very spoilt. I can’t wait to travel around the country with this show.

6) How do you feel about hecklers at your gigs?
I generally don’t mind it. I’d rather a few loud heckles rather than the low murmur of incessant chatting.

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