‘Tigers of Scotland’ documentary about the Scottish Wildcat to be filmed in 4K

A natural history documentary about the Scottish Wildcat is set to be filmed in 4K for the first time ever.

The Tigers of Scotland feature documentary journeys across Scotland to uncover the traits, clues, underestimated threats, the landscapes and the conservation efforts which currently shape the life of the Scottish Wildcat.

It will also investigate the life of the Wildcat, from past through to the present, and how they overcome the challenges of surviving when they are so close to extinction.

Viewers will be able to experience the sheer wonder of wildest Scotland as the documentary takes you on an epic journey through the dramatic native landscape.

Leanne Gater, Director for Wild Films, who is creating The Tigers of Scotland, said: “We naturally wanted to aim for high quality – 4K should really be the default for all natural history programming.

“It means viewers get the best possible picture quality in which to view the wonders of the natural world. We really wanted to make a film about the Scottish Wildcat because it’s such a charismatic creature that is simply unknown to most people – and it really needs our attention because we are in danger of losing it as a species within just a few years.”

Scripted by well-loved Scottish poet John Rice, and soundtracked by Sophie Mapplebeck – The Tigers of Scotland will be a unique natural history programme addressing a little-known species which is under serious threat of complete extinction.

For natural history fans and 4K TV owners, it will prove a fascinating and satisfying watch.

The Tigers of Scotland will enjoy the stunning depth of field and needle-sharp resolution which 4K has to offer, wowing audiences, and perfectly showcasing the production efforts of the Wild Film’s crew.

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