Sun Club Announce Debut LP and Release New Video

Trolls, whether they claim craggy woodland and moist caves as their home or the dark caverns of the internet, have always been a blight on society, fictional or otherwise.

Has a definitive troll-slaying method ever been developed? We’re not sure, but Sun Club seem to have the right idea giving them a good smashing in their video for ‘Tropicoller Lease’.

Sunshine pop meets off-kilter alt as the band’s frolicking turns to frenzy, the pink-haired creatures arriving to disrupt an idyllic summer scene.

“We made this video at a time when not a lot of us had jobs and we had just spent a month recording the new album almost every day,” Sun Club said of the video. “It was this weird in-between phase right after we finished recording, before we went on tour or had any idea of how the album would be released. It was also the end of so many years where we booked our own tours and made short releases. We’ve reached a new step where we are all psyched to properly release some of our music.”

And it’s just as well, as Sun Club’s debut Dongo Durango is slated for a release on 30th October and is now available to preorder.

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